silent.divider 60

Highest efficiency  provided by our premium product, the room-divider silent.divider 60.

Filled with a 60mm thick absorbing fleece, silent.divider 60 provides excellent absorption.

With our proven and tested suspension system the room-divider is easily installed and adjusted.

silent.divider 60 provides the possibility to separate individual teams acoustically, especially when the use of acoustic walls is not suitable. With our partition the team-structure can be made clear.

An individual print on the surface is certainly also for this absorber possible.

Silent.divider 60 can be combined with silent.line.Xplus 60 and Silent.desk 60.

Technical description

-          Thickness 60mm

-          Absorbing fleece 60mm

-          Surface: colored felt or digitally printed

-          Frame: aluminum anodized

-          Visible frame: front = 2mm ; side = 60mm

-          Suspended with wires from the ceiling

-          To stabilize Silent.divider 60 additional weights at the bottom possible

-      Suspension horizontally or vertically possible