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Art, design and functionality! With the company Recytex and CVOUSPLAIT & MOVIS as creative partners (design manufactures), the brand enables our clients to furnish their rooms with individual, beautiful and design-oriented artworks and enhance the acoustic in the room at the same time.

By using tested acoustic fleece and the combination of artistic appeal and convincing design, we combine beauty with the practical, thought-out acoustic solutions.


The design team of CVOUSPLAIT designs and develops acoustic products and solutions for places where people work, live and get together. The intention is simple and clear: making beautiful products that work acoustically and are produced with respect for "people & planet".


AcousticLightPicture", AcousticLightSail" and AcousticLightSailSOLO" is a protected product line which was developed by movis-design in Berlin together with the company Recytex. AcousticLightPicture" are the artistic supplement to the technical modern products AcousticLightSail" and the efficient ceiling series AcousticSailSOLO".

The combination of AcousticLightSails and / or AcousticSailSOLO and the AcousticLightPictures brings the artistic touch into your rooms which is essential for a modern and creative life.


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