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Why Acoustics?

Contemporary architecture is characterized by the use of glass, concrete and wood the appearance  shall be clean (clean layout, large windows).

Open-Space offices are used to optimize the available floor-space. Thermo-activated ceilings limit the use of acoustic ceiling-panels.

Optimized use of space and at the same time increased communication (telephone-calls, conversations with colleagues, customers, suppliers and patners)

All mentioned points can be classified into 2 acoustic szenarios:

-          Reverberation (reducing echoes)

-          Acoustic shielding (noise insulation)


Why offers high-class solutions for both problems. (Reduction of the reverberation-time and acoustic insulation in order to acoustically separate 2 work-places). And all is Made in Germany.

Our portfolio comprises screen-systems, room-divider, desk-separators, ceiling-panels and acoustic pictures.

Besides our standard-solutions we develop together with our customers tailor-made solutions, optimized for the individual situation.

Good products,good advice,  good service – all the best for your room-acoustics.