Ceiling panel - skyline / modular

skyline 15
skyline 40

A clear structure, basic design, a cooling ceiling … for visual and technical reasons the ceiling is very seldom used as absorbing area. But the ceiling is the perfect place to install large areas of absorbers.

A large portion of the early reflections takes place directly over the associates we need a solution which keeps the clear and basic visual appearance and at the same time improves the acoustics.

Matching our acoustic pictures we offer our ceiling-panels skyline and modular. The ceiling-panels float under the ceiling and can be produced in size according to your needs. With the range of colors you get a new feeling for your office. Not only from an acoustics point of view. Like our acoustic pictures skyline can also be digitally printed.

Ceiling-panels over your work-place make the environment quieter and reduce the noise-spreading in the room. The quieter acoustic situation prevents the build-up of noise in the room and not only do you improve the looks of your office but you also get more satisfied associates.

Due to our proven and tested suspension-system installation and adjustment of the ceiling-panels is very easy. Installation under an existing suspended ceiling is possible.

The ceiling-panel modular provides the possibility to integrate a LED-light. The lights are integrated in a tile of 62,5cm x 62,5cm.

And  if you are looking for a real eye-catcher … how about our ceiling-panel Silent.shape. It is available in a lot of organic shapes like round, oval, …