silent.divider 30

If you cannot use standing room-divider we offer with the suspended absorbing elements Silent.divider 30 a perfect alternative.

The suspended elements provide with the highly absorbing core a very efficient noise-absorption.

They can be installed horizontally on top of sideboards or vertically hanging from the ceiling.

Silent.divider 30 is with our suspension-system easy to install and it can even be fixed to an existing suspended ceiling by an additional adapter.

Like silent.line.Xplus and silent.desk silent.divider can be digitally printed.

Silent.divider 30 can be combined with Silent.line.Xplus 30 and Silent.desk 30.

Technical description

-          Thickness 30mm

-          Absorbing fleece 30mm

-          Surface: colored fleece or digitally printed

-          Frame: aluminum anodized

-          Visible frame: front = 30mm ; side = 30mm

-          Suspended with wires from the ceiling

-          To stabilize Silent.divider 30 additional weights at the bottom possible

-          Suspension horizontally or vertically possible