silent.line.Xplus 46

silent.line.Xplus 46 is definitely our >best-buy<!

Provided with a wooden core of 16mm the noise has no chance. Additionally the wall has a highly absorbing fleece as surface which prevents any spreading of the noise and any reflection.

Also silent.line.Xplus 46 is ideal to separate work-spaces, the elements can be tapered and using acrylic glass at eye-level is not a problem at all.

It can stand on rollers and it can be equipped with a white-board.

Matching to the wall silent.line.Xplus 46 we offer the desk-separator silent.desk 46 and the suspended room divider silent.divider 46. All products can be combined with each other perfectly. 

Technical description:

-          Thickness 46mm

-          Wooden core 16mm

-          Absorbing fleece 2 layers of 15mm each

-          Surface: colored fleece or digitally printed

-          Frame: aluminum anodized

-          Visible frame: front = 2mm ; side = 46mm

-          Wall is standing on feet or can be connected to next wall

-          Walls can be connected  straight or with an angle of 135° or 90°

-          Mounting on rollers is possible

-          Tapered sides are possible