silent.desk 30

Lean shape, unobtrusive elegance – the desk-separator silent.desk 30!

Matching our partition-system silent.line.Xplus 30 our desk-separator silent.desk 30 is the perfect addition or alternative.

Like the partition the desk-separator has a 12mm wooden core and 2 fleece absorbers on the outside.

It is fixed to the tabletop by clamps or alternatively by existing adapters.

Not to loose eyesight of your colleagues completely a transparent screen can be installed at eye-level. So you colleague  remains visible.

Technical description

-          Thickness 30mm

-          Wooden core 12mm

-          Absorbing fleece 2 layers of 9mm each

-          Surface: colored felt or digitally printed

-          Frame: aluminum anodized

-          Visible frame: front = 30mm ; side = 30mm

-          Desk-separator is fixed with clamps or existing adapters

-          It is possible to include an  Acryllic screen

-          Recommended height: 70mm from tabletop