After the re-launch of our ceiling-island „modular.light” we can offer from now on the combination of acoustics and light.

Together with our partner “M4 green systems GmbH” we have developed a ceiling-island, in which we have combined excellent acoustic properties with an LED light-installation.

It is ideal to lighten-up your workspace and improve the acoustic situation.

The ceiling-island “modular-light” is based on a standard element and can be extended to all sides. This makes the installation of large areas with our sound-reducing elements simple.

“Modular-light” is available in 2 standard sizes and can be extended to all sides:

-          Size: 125cm x 187,5cm with 2 LED light

-          Size 250cm x 187,5cm with 4 LED light

The ultra-flat LED lights (12mm) are characterized by a long-life (app. 50.000 hours) and at the same time low operating-cost (efficiency class A). In this way they reduce both operating- and maintenance-cost considerably. The light-output of 3.700 lumen is self-explanatory.

The lamps can be dimmed without changing the light-color, free of mercury or poisonous gases. Of course the LED lamps and the ceiling-island itself are 100% recyclable.

Technical description

Ceiling island 

-          Thickness:  30mm

-          Absorbing fleece 30mm

-          Surface: colored fleece or digitally printed

-          Construction:  grids (=modular classic)

-          Frame: aluminum anodized or white

-          Frame can easily be extended in all directions

-          Visible frame: front = 12mm ; side = 30mm

-          Suspended with wires from the ceiling

-          Dimension of base module: 125cm x 187,5cm (extendable)

-      Absorption class: A


LED installation 

-          Life expectancy: app. 50.000 hours

-          Light Output:    app. 3.700 Lumen

-          Efficiency: class A

-          Electrical power: 36W

-          Weight: 4.900g

-          Dimensions: L x W x H: 62cm x 62cm x 12mm

-          Color: warm white – normal white – cold white

-          Can be dimmed without changing the color

-          No heat build-up

-          No danger of flammability

-          Free of mercury or poisonous gases

-      100% recyclable