Coming from a standard grid-ceiling to a floating grid-ceiling – our ceiling-panel modular!

modular is based on a standard element which can be extended in the dimensions 187,5cm x 250cm.

With simple connectors you can quickly connect several base-modules. This provides a quick and easy installation of large areas with highly absorbing elements.

Apart from the grid with 12 elements you can get the same size with only 2 large panels. No matter which solution you prefer, the colors of each panel can be chosen individually.

You can also order the elements individually to replace the elements of an existing grid-ceiling.

You would like light installation in your grid-ceiling? No problem for us. Just ask us.

Technical description

-          Thickness 15mm or 30mm

-          Absorbing fleece 15mm or 30mm

-          Surface: colored fleece or digitally printed

-          Construction: 12 grids (=modular classic) or 2 large elements (=modular style)

-          Frame: aluminum anodized or white

-          Frame can easily be extended in all directions

-          Visible frame: front = 30mm ; side = 30mm

-          Suspended with wires from the ceiling

-          Dimension of base module: 250cm x 187,5cm (extendable)

-          Absorption class: C (15mm), A (30mm)

-          LED installation possible